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Rock Around the Block!

After our winter of discontent the spring shoots of freedom are emerging … is now looking possible we might be able to ride and roam free once again following yesterday's NSW and ACT 'freedom' plan announcements .... moving forward, based around vaccination targets.

We need something to ride … a challenge an adventure! Terra Australis, Race to the Rock both cancelled, falling to border closures and Covid lockdowns. Tasie Gift looks like a lockout, the Mallee Blast 1000k has been pushed back to November 26 race start.

I’m throwing Rock Around The Block out there! I’ll open rider registrations through the Maprogress race tracking website on October 1. Maybe $30 or so plus a SPOT tracker.

Riders will then be able to FREE 'register' their intent on Maprogress and IF in a couple of weeks we have a quorum of riders [maybe 10+] we will proceed with the event. After that time riders will have to log back onto Maprogress and PAY the tracking fee [TBA] to go live on the race tracker. Riders who nominate and decide not to confirm [PAY] their participation will be deleted from the tracker start list. This is principally to avoid a messy refund process if it becomes clear that it's a no go..... ie; insufficient interest or ongoing regional Covid lockdowns that make it unsafe or impractical to ride.


Rock Around the Block

A Free Route in the style of the Trans Continental Race established by Mike Hall.

START: Williamsdale NSW [Mike Hall Ghost Bike]

TIME: 8:00am Saturday 30 October.


Solo or Pairs. Plan your own route and adventure.

Read: [Monaro Cloudride or Terra Australis]


Riders must progress through the checkpoints in the following order, provide photo evidence of their location/arrival time and upload/link it to the race website page.

1. Narooma [Australia Rock]

2. Cabramurra [Australis’s highest town @ 1481m]

3. The Rock NSW

4. Parkes NSW, King of Rock

5. Rockley NSW

6. Finish: Canberra at the ‘National Rock Garden’ an exciting monument that reflects our ’National’ obsession and capacity to turn a moment of inspirational imagination into a reality ….. choose your own podium!


Riders must not return along their chosen route to progress to the next checkpoint.

In general riding along Highways or major link roads between towns is not permitted. These are listed below and scribed in red on the race page map. Riding on these roads within 60kph town zones is permitted or where there is no alternate to reach services. Riders may cross over these roads and transit along for a short section to effect the crossing.

I’ve identified these ‘Highways or major link roads between towns’ as:

Monaro Highway

Kings Highway - Transit along the Kings Highway from Queanbeyan-Captains Flat turn is approved.

Princes Highway [except between the turn-off's Tuross Heads and Dalmeny]

The Snowy River Way

Snowy Mountains Highway [except between Providence Portal and Kiandra]

Olympic Way

Sturt Highway

Goldfields Way

Mid Western Highway

Newell Highway

Henry Parkes Way

The Escort Way

Mitchell Highway

Abercrombie Road [East] from Black Springs as far as the Abercrombie River.

Current exceptions, directions and constraints:

1. CP1 [Narooma]: Returning along the link road out to the Australia Rock checkpoint is permitted.

2. CP2 [Cabramurra]: Riders must not exit back along the route/direction they entered from.

3. ELLIOTT WAY: [through KNP] Cabramurra -Tumbarumba. Currently due to open August/September after having been closed since the 19/20 summer bush fires.

4. KINGS X ROAD: Selwyn-Cabramurra Currently closed and unlikely to be open. Not acceptable as an option entry/exit for Cabramurra.

5. Riders must exit Rockley via Dog Rocks Road to Black Springs

6. Keep west of the Hume and Federal Highways between Sydney and Canberra.


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