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Riders registering to ride this course need to have a high level of endurance fitness, confident bike handling skills over variable terrain and a capacity to ride long hours, often in difficult conditions.  Your bike, bikepacking bags, sleep kit, navigation system all need to dialed, tested and understood BEFORE you attempt this ride. This is not a camping touring trip, ride light, ride fast. It's you against the clock, pushing your personal limits. Wether you ride the course in 4 or 14 days the challenge is for you to uncover your inner strengths and weaknesses and deal with them to achieve an outcome that delivers a unique personal sense of inner pride and satisfaction.

The 8th running of Monaro Cloudride 1000 - STARTS: Friday 10 April 2020 - 8:00am

The Monaro Cloudride 1000 is a mountain bikepacking endurance race that traverses the ridgetops of the Great Dividing Range through the Monaro region of south east Australia. Constantly challenging the  bike handling skills of the rider with the demands of speed, climbing, descending, endurance and – add the demands of navigation, limited resupply along the route, long hours in the saddle and you introduce the companions of the long distance rider, mental fatigue, loneliness and the mirror of self. 

The journey takes riders 1000 kilometres across the rooftop of Australia to experience breathtaking wilderness areas of our national parks, vistas that go forever and the solitude and beauty of our high country plains. The Monaro Cloudride 1000 demands extraordinary determination and also an acceptance that the elements can and will sometimes prevail and reshape your journey. Those who finish can cherish and remember their time on the Monaro Cloudride 1000 as a lifetime achievement.



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