A $150.00 fee is payable via the Registration Portal by all riders for registration on the event tracking program. [Less $50 if registered in the Prologue]

Entries open January 1 2020 here ....



Each rider must carry a SPOT GPS Tracker and have the unit operating at all times while they are progressing along the route. Trackers must be registered for a minimum 10 minute response interval. The operation of the standard emergency and message services and any resulting emergency service costs will be the sole responsibility of the rider who activates the distress call.

A limited number of SPOT Trackers are available for hire from the ride coordinator via the Registration Portal.

CLOUDRIDE 1000 SPOT HIRE $75.00 for the duration of your ride. 

A limited number of SPOT Trackers will be available for hire from Breathtaking Events through the Registration Portal

Additional SPOT Trackers may be hired through Maprogress who will be the official web based tracking service provider.


GPX File & Cue Sheet Notes

Each rider will be issued with a final course .gpx file for download to a GPS device. This will be the principal means for following the course. Additional, but limited, cue sheet notes will also be provided once participants have confirmed their entry. Riders who prefer to navigate from hard copy maps and self prepared cue sheets may do so but will need to formulate these based on the .gpx file trace of the course.



The Bureau of Meterology [BOM] provides comprehensive current weather and historical data for many of the towns along and adjoining the route. Mid March/April can provide ideal cycling weather, however overnight tempratures can fall below 0ºC. Snowfall down to 1000m is not uncommon on the Main Range and riders need to be prepared for all circumstances.



Any re-routes or course notifications will be advised by email and text. Most high country trails have some [Telstra] 4G and limited 3G mobile signal as do urban town areas. Riders who have other phone service providers will need to check for local coverage.



​It is hoped and encouraged that riders will avail themselves of local services and provide some commercial benefit to the business owners in the towns along the way. The Course Notes will provide some detail on available services but riders should make their own plans to suit their needs. Limited bike parts and repair services are available in Jindabyne and Tumut.



On the Thursday evening prior to departure there will be a race brief to go over final details and clarify any last minute course and rider issues. This will be at a venue where there is a suitable a-la-carte menu and riders can share their pre race expectations and anxierties.



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