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Race Route

6,250 kilometres down the eastern regions of Australia starting at Cape York, the northern tip of Australia and finishing at Wilsons Promontory the southern most mainland point. The race route is North to South - there is no other option.

For those who are time poor or aren't confident of taking on the whole challenge the race route is broken into five legs and riders can register for one or more legs listed below. 


The Terra Australis route is suitable for experienced multi-day ultra endurance riders who have a demonstrated capacity of racing and enduring the constant daily challenges, dealing with the elements and one's changing emotional space. In addition, they need to have the knowledge and capacity to prepare, plan and execute their ride with a clear understanding of their personal needs to remain hydrated and fuelled to undertake and complete the ride without any outside support other than that which is available to any fellow competitor from commercial business providers or public facilities along the route.



Revised Terra Australis  2020

Due to Covid19 restrictions and the subsequent interstate border closures riders will not be permitted to complete the full Terra Australis course in 2020. However two Queensland riders will ride the Mareeba-Longreach-NSW Border legs and ten riders will ride the Byron Bay- Canberra leg. The Leg start times remain as previously advised.


1. CAPE YORK - CAIRNS • 1223k 8,213Vm  



2. CAIRNS - LONGREACH • 1237k 6,131Vm  

START Sunday 6 September 2020 [Qld Riders only]


3. LONGREACH - BYRON BAY • 1553k 12,140Vm  

START Sunday 13 September 2020 [Qld Riders only]


4. BYRON BAY - CANBERRA • 1462k 18,446Vm

START Sunday 20 September 2020 [NSW Riders only]


5. CANBERRA - WILSONS PROM • 817k 13,556Vm



The Journey


The Far North Queensland section from Cape York to Cairns is remote with multiple stream and river crossings and the accompanying danger from crocodile attack. Further south riders will encounter the pristine world heritage Daintree rainforest and then on towards Cairns and a chance for some bike service and resupply. From Cairns the route swings west over the Great Dividing Range to the drought ravaged plains of Central Queensland to Longreach the birthplace of our international airline Qantas [Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service]. From Longreach, riders swing south east eventually to the rich Darling Downs food basin before crossing into New South Wales.



From here there is a dramatic change in terrain and vegetation. Massive eucalypts reach for the sky as you climb east over the Border Ranges National Park and reveal magnificent views over the escarpment rim of a vast and ancient volcano ...  before riders spiral down to the golden beaches of Byron Bay, Australia’s easternmost point. Now heading south there is some relaxing riding running parallel or crossing the great east flowing northern river systems that empty out through the estuaries and beaches of Australia’s east coast. Time to enjoy the carefree holiday beach communities, cafes and surfing beaches. From Harrington/Taree the route swings west once again, climbing up through national parks over the mighty Barrington Tops to the rich Hunter Valley. Another pass up through the Widden Valley then south through once fabulously rich goldfields to the majestic sandstone escarpments of the Blue Mountains and Megalong Valley then south through to Canberra.



Our National Capital, Canberra, hosts our Parliament House and an opportunity for riders to take a photo-op under the Australian Flag flying above our house of democracy, resupply and service the bike before swinging west over the Brindabella ranges.



Back into New South Wales riders will climb relentlessly up to Cabramurra, the highest township in Australia and launch into the wilderness regions of the Kosciuszko National Park, the alpine rooftop of Australia. After the tropics of northern Australia and east coast surfing beaches, riders will now encounter some much cooler weather. The snow melt through this country will be well underway, however zero overnight temperatures are not unusual on the way down to the ski-field resort service town of Jindabyne.



A short run down to the border crossing into Victoria and riders enter the alpine wilderness regions of our southern state. Unrelenting rugged remote fire trails, small isolated communities, limited resupply, opening hours that will test the patience of the most temperate rider, it wont get any easier. Finally, the closing hours across the Gippsland region and the southern roads into Wilsons Promontory lead to the completion of a lifetime epic ride at the bottom of Terra Australis - Great Southern Land.



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