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Cloudride24 celebrating 10 years

Off and away on the 2024 Monaro Cloudride this morning at 6:00am. Leading riders are now at the 200k mark after 11 hours. A group three are together Shaun McManamny, Dean Ansell and Tom Moschitz and have been so since the start. Peter McKay who was with this trio through to Tumut had an enforced stop with some rim tape leak issues is now back on course and making up a group of four trailing riders who are all within shouting distance of each other. Amongst them is British rider Jaimi Wilson the sole female contestant in this year's Cloudride. Paul Lester is a likely early casualty with a defective drop bar shifter. He's been grounded at Stromlo Mtb Park trying to resolve the issue.

This years course includes some sweeping fast gravel sections, described by one early scouting ride as 'lifetime best' down through the Monaro region.

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