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2021 Cloudride 1000 .. and they're racing!

A strong field of 26 riders heading out at 8:00am EST Australia tomorrow from Canberra on a 1000k off road epic that threads together some stunning riding through SE Australia.


Multi World 24H champion Jason English

headlines the start group but will have plenty of company and race pressure from past winner Paul Cuthbert [2019], Anthony Newman [Cloudride Prologue 500 winner in 2020]. There's good depth of experienced riders right through the field which should result in a high finish ratio.

Rider profiles follow ...

Heath Wade 48 Yass NSW

BIKE: Trek Pro Calibre, HT 29’r

GEARS: 2 x 36/26 : 11/42 casette

SLEEP: Nemo Tent, Katmandu Bag, Neopro Mat

XC 24H: Yes

BIKEPACKING: Touring past 20 yrs, 2017 Tour Divide 4,400k 22days.

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Triathlon, Audax

Charlie Viney 40 Fairlight NSW

BIKE: Salsa Timberjack, HT 29’r

GEARS: 1 x 12

SLEEP: Nemo Tent, mat, Nemo Mat, Rab Bag.

BAGS: Apidura

BIKEPACKING: US Arizona Trail 1190k [slowly]

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Noose Triathlon, North Face Trail Run 50k

COMMENTS ‘like a Sloth’

Hieu Nguyen 47 Barrack Heights NSW

BIKE: Jamis Sport, rigid HT 29’r

GEARS: 2 x 10 34/24 42t casette

SLEEP: Nemo Tent, Mountain Design mat, Bag: Something from Ray’s Outdoors 3ºc

XC 24H: multiple convictions

BIKEPACKING: Rookie [Been on the bucket list since I saw the first Cloudride race].

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Rode my age 430km in 17hrs, multiple Max Adventure races

Triathalon: No, Asian’s can’t swim well I can but I choose not too.

Trail Running: No, these legs where not made for running

COMMENTS: I did win the Woodford to Glenbrook charity race but they mistook my name for a girl!

BIKE: Salsa Woodsmoke HT 29’r

GEARS: 1 x 33 9-46 Eagle

BIKEPACKING: Toured US Arizona Trail 1190k

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Noose Triathlon, Lots of Trail Running, UTMB, Ultra trail duMont Blanc 100 miles [37h:52m]

COMMENTS: motto / songs ... this is what you came for... and just keep swimming from finding nemo

Wes Whittle 40 Fairlight NSW

BIKE: Curve GMX+ rigid 29’r

GEARS: 1x 32 and 9-46

SLEEP: Mount Laurel Designs Superlight Solo Bivy Bag: S2S Spark III

Mat: Therm-a-rest z lite sol mattress

BIKEPACKING: 2019 Race to the Rock 3,000k

Ross Hamilton 32 Albury NSW

BIKE: 2010 GT Zaskar HT 29’r

GEARS: 2x 10 ? just pedal or walk.

SLEEP: SOL Emergency Bivvy Mont Bag, Mat; Hotel or no sleep strategy

BIKEPACKING: Cloudride 2014, 2017, 2019. Prologue 2020, 2021. Honeymoon NZ bikepack, 3,000k [still married]

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Audax, Adventure Race: Murray Marathon 2005-2009 full distance, Upper Murray Challenge, Mars Challenge, Bogong to Hotham on xc skis in 9 hours plus ‘lots’ of marathons.

Paddy Howlett 45 Erica Vic

BIKE: Salsa Fargo rigid, 29’r

GEARS: 1x - 48

SLEEP: Big Angus Fly Creek 2. Bag: S2S Spark SP 2 Mat:0

BIKEPACKING: Hunt 1000. 2019 Tassie Gift [600k DNF]

2019 Round Denmark Bike Race 2000km

Adventure Race: Yes

BIKE: Triton Custom Ti MTB rigid 27+

GEARS: SingleS

SLEEP: Homemade Silpoly Tarp Bag: S2S Micro III Mat: Thermarest NeoAir X-Lite

BIKEPACKING: 2016 Race to the Rock 2,000 DNF, Tour Divide 2017 - 8th overall, 1st SS

VicDivide 2019 - 3rd overall, 1st SS


Around-the-world (27000km)

24H Solo World Champs 2010 - 16th age group...

ULTRA: Around-the-world (27000km) 24solo World Champs 2010

Lauren Bartsch 38 Duffy ACT

BIKE: 2016 Specialized Era Epic DualS, 29’r

GEARS: 1x 28 10-42

SLEEP: OzTrail Hiker Fly Bag: Rab Alpine Summit 300

Mat: 3/4 Thermarest (circa 1990s)

BIKEPACKING: 2019 Cloudride Prologue 500k 3rd outright, 1st Woman.

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Trail Running, Everesting: Mt Ainslie 2019, Alpe du Zwift 2020 (in hotel quarantine)

Simon De Pomeroy 42 Hornsby NSW

BIKE: Merida 2014 Big Ninety-Nine CF3000D DualS, 29’r

GEARS: 1x 34 SRAM Eagle XX1

SLEEP: Mountain Laurel Designs Bivvy, Bag: S2S Mat: Thermarest


ULTRA ENDURANCE: Triathalon, Multi 24H and XC

COMMENTS: Serious contender for the Lanterne Rouge, with an average of 1.36 rides per week in the 12 months to date. My wife's birthday is Monday 5th April. Dinner date? Unlikely.

Natalie Anderson 37 Long Beach NSW

BIKE: GT Helion DualS 27.5

GEARS: 1x 32 11-46

SLEEP: Tent: Quecha Bag: Mountain Designs Mat:S2S



XC: 2019 Rocky Trail Series [Women]

COMMENTS: My aim is to complete the course while trying to enjoy the experience

Chris Jenkins 48 Lakelands NSW

BIKE: Custom built HT 29’r

GEARS: 1x 32 10-52

SLEEP: Bivvy OR Helium Bag Brand: Enlightened Equipment Mat Brand: Exped hyperlite

BIKEPACKING: 2018 Hunt 1000, 2109 Cloudride [DNF] 436k

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Trail running.

Tom Moschitz 49 Fairlight NSW

BIKE:Bombtrack Hook Ext-C Rigid drop bar gravel bike, 650b

GEARS: 1x 40 11-42

SLEEP: Bivvy Sierra designs Bag: S2S Mat:S2S

BIKEPACKING: 2020 Tour Aotearoa 3,000k

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Trail Running UTMB 2018 170kms

Paul Cuthbert 48 Watson ACT

BIKE: Niner alloy HT SingleS 29’r

GEARS: 32:19

SLEEP: Bivvy, lightweight bag, lots of clothesBIKEPACKING: 2020 Tour Aotearoa 3,000k

BIKEPACKING: 2019 Cloudride 1000 =1st. Touring: Canb-Melbs, Tassie Trail

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Trail Running. 2016 Australian Alps Walking Track Solo FKT 11d:18h

[Ed: Record still standing]

Gwyn Tavener-Smith 60 Mt Keira NSW

BIKE: Santa Cruz Tallboy, DualS 29’r

GEARS: 1x 36oval 10-52

SLEEP: Tent: Z packs, Bag: S2S Mat:S2S

BIKEPACKING: 2015, 2017, 2018 Cloudride 2021 Prologue, 2019 Hunt 1000

XC: Multiple mtb stage races.

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Trans Andes, Mongolia, India Himachal, Joburg 2 Sea multiple times. Did a triathalon with a mtb once.

COMMENTS: You can get a lot done by the time you turn 60

Warwick Heald 41 Freshwater NSW

BIKE: Norco Revolver HT 29’r

GEARS: 1x 32 11-46

SLEEP: Bivvy OR Bag: Naturehike

BIKEPACKING: Race rookie. Seasoned tourer, South America, Japan, Europe

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Triathalon, Trail Running

Erin Pederick 36 Parap, Darwin NT

BIKE: TREK Top Fuel DualS 29’r

GEARS: 1x 32 11-50

SLEEP: Tent: Big Agnes Fly Creek Bag: S2S Mat: S2S

BIKEPACKING: Very much still a rookie, especially with off road. 5th in the Round Denmark Bike Race (1800km) in 2018. Was signed up for the Transatlantic Way in 2020 but didn’t get to start for obvious reasons


Audax: Yes, mostly road but with a bit of gravel when the opportunity came up

Adventure Racing: Some 24-48hr events but nothing in the last few years

COMMENTS: Dotwatchers - just zoom back out on your map a little to find me at the back

Luke Waters 35 Kingston ACT

BIKE: Salsa Fargo, rigid 29’r

GEARS: 1x 34 11-46

SLEEP: Bivvy Mountain Laurel designs Bag: Cumulus X-Lite Mat: No

BIKEPACKING: Bikepacked the Tour Divide route a couple years ago (did not race) – 28 days.

ULTRA ENDURANCE: Triathalon, Trail Running

COMMENTS: Goal is to finish the Cloudride within Bent Spoke business hours, any day will do.

Frank Zeller 59 Chapman ACT

BIKE: Curve GMX+ rigid drop bar 29’r

GEARS: 1x 32 11-46

SLEEP: Bivvy OR Helium Bag: S2S