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REVISED 2020 Terra Australis

Today, September 1 was to be the start of Terra Australis for 2020 at Cape York for the journey south however it wasn't to be,

Expectations have ebbed and flowed over the past six months that we might have been able to make a clean run down the eastern seaboard.....

Not surprisingly due to Covid19 health restrictions and the subsequent interstate border closures riders have been denied the opportunity to complete the full Terra Australis course in 2020..

Expectations have ebbed and flowed over the past six months that we might have been able to make a clean run down the eastern seaboard however the more difficult circumstances in recent times with random infection spikes has simply made this impossible. As testament to our bikepacker determination all but one rider, Walter Brumniach [Covid locked in NZ] has committed to ride a leg or two of the revised options.

Two Queensland based riders will ride the Mareeba-Longreach-NSW Border legs.

Simon Faber and Brendan Corbin [BCo a 2018 Terra Australis finisher] will commence their ride this coming Sunday at 6:00am. Brendan facing the known and Simon, a rookie bikepacker facing the unknown.

Of the original twelve riders intending to start at Cape York eleven have committed to ride the Byron Bay- Canberra leg. The Leg start times remain as previously advised on the website.

There's still three weeks until the Byron Bay - Canberra Leg gets underway. Still a few riders waiting in the wings to make a late call to register. A number of bikepacking rookies well in the mix for this leg if they can merge their riding strength with the complex demands of time, resupply and fatigue management. A sub seven day time for the 1462k is well within the capability of a number of these riders

1. CAPE YORK - CAIRNS • 1223k 8,213Vm


2. CAIRNS - LONGREACH • 1237k 6,131Vm

START Sunday 6 September 2020 [Qld Riders only]

3. LONGREACH - BYRON BAY • 1553k 12,140Vm

START Sunday 13 September 2020 [Qld Riders only]

4. BYRON BAY - CANBERRA • 1462k 18,446Vm

START Sunday 20 September 2020 [NSW/ACT Riders only]

5. CANBERRA - WILSONS PROM • 817k 13,556Vm


Race tracking will be live on Maprogress from the start of the Queensland [Mareeba] leg right through until the last rider reaches Canberra ..... or beyond if [optional] any rider decides to push through to Jindabyne or Thredbo on the final leg. That said, riding on into Victoria for a Wilsons Prom finish is perfectly viable however will come with a 14 day iso requirement to return from Victoria. No one has this option of intent at the moment!

Rider and bike/gear profiles will be added on to the website as they come to hand.

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