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Terra Australis Rider Entries

After having paused rider entries for the 2020 Terra Australis pending greater clarity around border closures it’s now time to start moving forward again....

It’s clear with the imminent opening of the Queensland/NSW State Border and unrestricted travel in Queensland that Terra Australis will be able to start on September 1 as planned.

With almost the entire world ultra distance bikepacking race calendar wiped out for 2020 the light will shine brightly on Terra Australis and the safe haven that Australia presents as a destination for remote adventure and challenging bikepacking racing. Hopefully at least out New Zealand friends can join us this year if the proposed ‘bubble’ materialises.

the experienced Dane Roberts fueling up...

Riders who have contacted me with an EOI have now been invited to register. Any others in the wider bikepacking community who have been awaiting clarity are now invited to register. There’s been interest in the full course from 8-10 riders [several from NZ] and another 15 or so interested in riding one or two various Legs of the Terra Australis race route.

The Maprogress race tracker for Terra Australis 2020 is now loaded and registered riders added and will be updated as further riders complete the Registration process.

For the moment there is no ‘cut-off’ registration but realistically by August 1 any rider contemplating the whole journey or a Leg of Terra Australis needs to declare their intention.

Craig Johnston's Bombtrack ready to race...


The Queensland State Border closure with New South Wales [NSW] will officially reopen on Friday 10 July. It is expected that travel restrictions in the Far North Land Council jurisdictions will also be lifted [for interstate visitors] at the same time. Queensland residents have had all internal travel restrictions removed since 3 July. A simple Permit Entry system [Phone App] for interstate visitors is likely to facilitate track and trace.


As we’ve seen in recent days with the closure of the Victorian NSW State border the only certainty is uncertainty for the foreseeable future. This closure won’t impact rider access into Victoria [sometime in October] even if it were to remain in place for months to come. However, if it remains in place it will only be a consideration for non Victorian riders who want to return to their home state [possible 14 day quarantine?] after entering Victoria.


I've commenced adding these on this Breathtaking Events website and will add them to the Facebook and Instagram pages as they come to hand.

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