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Leg 3 Terra Australis

Leg 3. LONGREACH - BYRON BAY • 1553k 12,140Vm

Day 18 The Pinnacle Lookout - Evans Head.

The Pinnacle Lookout-Byron Bay

Byron Bay Lighthouse - Evans Head

Part A of today’s route down to Byron Bay is the end of Leg 3 that started way back on Day 12 it’s been an unrelenting pace through the week supplemented by long hours in the saddle and fast flat roads, until yesterday.

From our overnight stop at The Pinnacle Lookout the morning sunrise promises a vision splendid from our vantage point perched on the edge of an ancient creator. The Pacific Ocean and our destination, the Eastern most point on the Australian mainland at Byron Bay is revealed as dawn breaks.

The race profile for the first 110k might look appealing with the excitement of a 1,000Vm descent off the Border Ranges however with almost 3,000Vm through to Byron Bay it’s packed full of leg work.

The first 24k is fast gravel and you’ll need some brake pads. The chill factor early morning will likely necessitate a wind jacket and winter gloves for the descent. Pavement commences shortly before the intersection with Koyogle Road and it’s ‘roadie’ day all the way into Byron Bay.

Nimbin a time warp from the 70's

​Plenty of small villages along the way for a quick coffee and bite to eat as Nimbin, The Channon, Dunoon, Clunes and Federal roll by, up hill and down dale along avenues of macadamia, avocado plantations and lush pasture.

Road down to The Channon

Macadamia and Avacado Plantations

Life is good and the smell of the Pacific salt air is a new sensory experience after weeks of central Queensland dust.

Arrival in Byron Bay mid-afternoon on the 18th of September from this year’s start date will be a Friday afternoon. Byron Bay is a packed hipster tourist town and the volume of traffic and foot traffic can be a shock to the system after the isolation of past weeks. I can’t think of a reason to stop and get trapped in the bright lights … some bike service might be necessary here or Ballina though there are other opportunities right down the coast for some bike maintenance.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

For our ride it’s up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse for the offical finish of Leg 3 and start of Leg 4.

Riders tackling the single Leg 4 [Byron Bay-Canberra] are due to start on the Sunday 20 at 6:00am morning. On our ride time we’re probably 36hours ahead of their start time… let’s give them someone to chase.

Part B of today’s ride is destination Evans Head another 75k. The race route from the Lighthouse follows a mix of multi purpose tracks, suburban roads and coastal beach access tracks. If it’s low tide you get to do a beach ride along to a new cycle/walking path from Lennox Head to Ballina.