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Cloudride On?

Absolutely! Both the Cloudride and Prologue... plenty of re-route options out there, just a different landscape.

For all those who like to keep an eye on social media I've consolidated the Breathtaking Events [Terra Australis, Monaro Cloudride and Prologue] over to a single Facebook page for a simple one page streamlined info watch. the Monaro Cloudride and Terra Australis Facebook pages will be closed over the next month.

The new page:

Breathtaking Events Bikepacking Ultra Racing Australia

will be a JOIN public page where you can post, discuss and comment on general bikepacking events, gear and related topics. Here is the link ...

In my most recent post [and last] on the Monaro Cloudride FB page I recounted my Prologue route planning ride and the shape the race route was taking … within a few days a 100 kilometres of that went up in smoke and flames….. along with most of the Namadgi NP, Naas Valley, Boboyan Rd and across the Monaro Highway more of the Jerangle, Peak View country.

Horse Gully Hut on the Nass Valley FT ... hopefully it survived the Orarral Valley fire

In all 25% of the ACT land was razed to the ground over a few days. Thankfully minimal property loss and no loss of life. Blessedly our friends and supporters in Numeralla were spared as were our Tinderry Cloudrider angels Karen Foat, Leila Kelly and families.

When you’re out riding and one of those little green RFS Local Brigade sheds pops up give them a thumbs up for a fantastic bit of community service.

After a month of fires and local smoke haze around Canberra, everyday rated ‘Unhealthy’ or ‘Hazardous’ I packed my bike up early this week and rail tripped up to Kyogle in northern NSW just south of the Queensland border to ride a few training days down the east coast on the Terra Australis route …. what a great idea!

Over the Border Ranges NP and down to Byron Bay, 150k and 3,000Vm later I’d broken the drought that had broken all records. Towns and shires that were in a desperate and dire straits have now had life giving drenching rain filling paddock dams and rain tanks …. carrying my bike overhead across raging creeks isn’t my strong game, I gave up and returned home…….. and for my next ride?

With drenching rain forecasts for SE Australia this week hopefully it will see an end to the terrible fire season we have all endured. Once the all clear is given…. it will be over to you National Parks and State Forests to lift the closures and return them to public use.

Sorry if you need 4WD access it might be months to get destroyed bridges replaced and fallen trees cleared …. but nothing to stop a biker or hiker. Lets hope for some flexible decision making. ‘Risk management’ closures from falling branches and trees is up there with winning Lotto …. give me some evidence based stats please.

Fallen trees ... over you go ...

Bit of snow and avalanche, not aproblem

Once the weather clears I'll be out confirming the 2020 race routes for the Cloudride and Prologue. It will be extraordinary times in the weeks ahead to see the green shoots of regeneration and life after this tragic fire storm season.



Starts Saturday 7 March

  • Simon Vanderstadt 50 Brunswick Vic

  • Daniel Purcell 46 Corrimal NSW

  • Peter Gargano 66 Coffs Harbour NSW

  • Laura Marshall 43 Canberra ACT

  • Jonas Anderberg 39 Chiltern Vic

  • Phil Matthewson 69 Northbridge NSW

  • Miles Morrison 61 Lawson NSW

  • Josh Brealey 39 Watson ACT

  • Karen Foat 40 Tinderry Range NSW

  • Matt Wiliams 40 Chiltern Vic

  • Noel Pope 61 Lawson NSW

  • Euan Holden 43 Wright ACT

  • Aaron Thompson 42 Aranda ACT

  • Ivars Reinfelds 52 Keiraville NSW

  • Anthony Newman 24 Dickson ACT

  • Dante Apolinar 52 Banks ACT


Starts Friday 10 April

  • Peter Beggs 55 Leura NSW

  • Matt Looker 40 Broome WA

  • Eliza Allan 37 Halls Creek WA

  • Simon De Pomeroy 41 Hornsby NSW

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